Live in Delhi

cover of the CD Live in Delhi by Samrat Pandit - label Bihaan Music
Delhi, India

54 min CD
Digitally recorded and mastered from live concert

1- Sumaran tero – 26:58
khayal : Raga Yaman
Vilambit Ektaal (48 beats)

2- Binati mano piya mori – 13:52
khayal : Raga Yaman,
drut (12 beats)

3- Kankar Maar jagaa Gayo re – 13:07
thumri : Raga Misra Kamaj

Tabla – Vinod Lele
Harmonium – Vinay Mishra

Label : Bihaan Music
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An upcoming singer, starting to make waves, to look out for

The Hindu – march 2018
by Shailaja Khanna

Live in Goa

DVD music video of live concert
Goa, India
October 8th 2016

Concert of Yuva Pratibhotsav at Dinanath Mangeshkar Kala Mandir
Kala Academy Complex, Panaji-Goa

National Level Festival of Young performers in classical music & dance

All India Radio

logo of AIR
Certified All India Radio* artist since 2009
Regular artist for Khayal and Thumri.

* All India Radio (AIR) is the National Broadcaster of India

What is a AIR artist ?

the artist is recognized as a professional by indian government radio stations
the radio stations regularly request him to record songs for broadcasting

The Patiala Gharana youngster captured the attention of the listeners with his accurate delivery of the pleasing notes of the early night raag.

Times of India – december 2016